Genius breadmaker Akimasa Sugikubo – Boulangerie 365 Jours

Genius breadmaker Akimasa Sugikubo – Boulangerie 365 Jours

Since opening their doors in 2013, Boulangerie 365 Jours, located in a side street near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, has had a following of fans who are bread lovers as well as those who are particular about what they eat.

Owner and chef Akimasa Sugikubo was born into a family of “Wajima nuri” artisans while he himself is a trained pâtissier. Becoming a chief pâtissier at the age of 24, he went to France in 2000, working at two star Jamin and one star Petrossian before returning in 2002. He opened 365 Jours in December 2013 after being involved in the production of several boulangeries. “Bread and processed foods that use only selected, safe and secure ingredients, in the belief that people’s bodies and souls are made up of what they eat 365 days.”

The stylish shop is filled with the aroma of delicious bread, and the showcases are filled with a variety of breads and baguettes, making it difficult to choose. It’s said that there are more than 60 varieties on a daily basis.

The most popular is Croquant Chocolat of which several hundred are bought in one day. The brioche is made with cocoa powder and is filled with organic ganache and chocolate cereal. The sticky bun, creamy ganache and crunchy cereal is a delicious combination of textures.

“Lemon Milk French Bread” is also visually appealing, and is a soft bread filled with lemon cream, milk cream and white chocolate pearl croquant. The tart lemon cream is a pleasant accent.

The very simple looking “Cent Pourcent” is made of equal parts flour and water. The outside is crisp while the inside is sticky, and the delicious flavor of flour makes it very popular.

Other popular items include the quiche which uses caramelized onions, guinea fowl from a specific poultry farm and seasonal vegetables, curry bread that has just the right balance with the flour and mild curry stuffing, and “Pistachio” bread using wholewheat flour and large pistachio pieces. No matter your choice, each bread offers a distinct flavor and aroma.

Facing the showcase is an area with select ingredients and literature such as coffee, Wako tea, ginger syrup and peanut butter, all made in Japan.

Some of their products are also available online, such as the “365 Jours Airmail” set of 13 of their popular breads (limited 30 sets per day), cheesecake which is 70% cream cheese, as well as seasonal items.


365 Jours
1-6-12 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063
TEL 03-6804-7357