Yamauchi Udon – the handmade udon with an edge

Yamauchi Udon
- the handmade udon with an edge

Freshly made noodles

Someone said their ”udon” ”has an edge”. The key phrase means their noodle is sharply cut and solid. It is a proof of the freshness, and texture, and is very highly regarded.
Yamauchi Udon is extremely famous as one of the must-eat ”udon” shops in Sanuki. As many as 500 customers come to the shop despite its remote location on a country road by the mountains.

Squid tentacle tempura, a popular accompaniment to ”udon”!

Yamauchi Udon serves handmade noodles. They use natural mountain water and boil the noodle in a large pot on a wood burning stove. Firewood helps cook the noodles thoroughly, resulting in Yamauchi’s special ”edgy” ”udon”. The popular combo at the shop is ”udon” accompanied by squid tentacle tempura. It has been the most popular for years among the many variations of tempura.
Nakata tried ”udon” making, receiving instructions about how to make Yamauchi’s original ”udon”. He looked pretty good as he used his entire body into forming the famous ”udon”. We definitely recommend a visit to Yamauchi Udon when in the Sanuki area.


Yamauchi Udon
Manno, Nakatado District, Kagawa
URL 0877-77-2916