Tasty ”Fu” born in a village of famous water ”Okuyama Seifujo”

Tasty ”Fu” born
in a village of famous water ”Okuyama Seifujo”

Firm texture that is different from other “fu”

If I were to list the the characteristics of the “fu” made at Okuyama Seifujo, the firmness of the texture will be at the top of the list. Normally, “fu” that you put in soup is characterized by their softness, but the “rokuta fu” made at Okuyama Seifujo, has a very “packed” texture that is attained by maximizing the gluten content, making it rich in protein.
The Rokuta region in Higashine city is known for good ground water from the Ouu mountains, and it is said that you will have good water by digging as little as 3 meters.
As an old story in Rokuta goes, when the lord of Satake clan stayed there he fell ill, but he was quickly cured when he drank from the a well in Rokuta. And at Okuyama Seifujo, they still use the same ground water as the legend to make their “fu”.

“Fu” as a main dish

“Fu”is usually considered to be a supplementary food that’s seen in soup, etc. and rarely considered to be a main dish that receives attention on its own. However, recently it’s recently been taken up as health food.
The Rokuta “Fu” made at Okuyama Seifujo, with it’s firm texture, can be used as a main ingredient in “tempura” or a casserole dish. It also has many applications as snacks and sweets. Crackers, “fu” rusk, “fu manju”, that is made by wrapping raw “fu” around sweet red bean paste, etc, have become popular gifts.
Needless to say, “fu” is a great ingredient in Japanese cooking. And it can actually be used in place of meat. Recipes are available on the Okuyama Seifujo website, so we suggest you take a look.


Yugen Kaisha Okuyama Seifujo
2-5-24 Rokuta, Higashine, Yamagata Prefecture
URL http://www.fu-okuyama.jp/