The most luxurious inn for two ”Kaze no mori”

The most luxurious inn for two
”Kaze no mori”

Because time is precious

The owner opened this inn in August of 2005 because he ”wanted to build an inn where one could spend precious time with an important person in a relaxing environment”. The whole property is built on the side of a mountain, the main building is built at the skirt, and separate buildings are built above, on the higher part of the mountainside. The separate buildings are built based on the concept that the inn should be comfortable for two people. The separate rooms are just the right size for a couple. They are modern Japanese and Western style rooms with 7 themes; star, tree, sun, moon, sky, wood and wind. Kaze no Mori inn is popular as a boutique getaway. Looking around, there are chairs and light fixtures by famous designers such as Sori Yanagi or Isamu Noguchi placed nonchalantly all around the building.


Kaze no mori
17275 Kotaji, Nishi kawanobori cho, Takeo, Saga Prefecture