”Hinode Seimenjo” Udon restaurant only open for an hour?

”Hinode Seimenjo”
Udon restaurant only open for an hour?

Giving into customer demand

Hinode Seimenjo is an ”udon” maker. Their main businesses are ”udon” production and wholesale. They start to make ”udon” at four in the morning, boil the ”udon” and deliver it to their clients. One day, however, they started to serve ”udon” to general customers. And now, it is so popular that customers make long lines to get in.
After its foundation in 1930, Hinode Seimenjo focused on noodle production. However, fans persuaded them to serve ”udon” on the premises during the Sanuki ”udon” boom in the 1990s. ”Seimenjo” means noodle making factory, not a place to eat ”udon”. They turned down the request many times. However, there was a young man who was very persistent even after repeated rejection. They finally gave up and let him have ”udon” at the factory.
That was the beginning of ”noodle shop” Hinode Seimenjo.

Only open for an hour around noon

Initially, they put ”udon” in a bowl and allowed customers to use a sachet of ”dashi” that they sold in their shop. One day, one of their customers brought shredded long onions and ginger, sharing them with other guests. It made them realize they needed to prepare the necessary condiments as an ”udon” shop, so they started to offer condiments.
The ”udon” shop became more and more popular. Today, there are always a long line of customers waiting to get in. However, they are an ”udon” factory after all.
They have little time to serve customers who come to eat ”udon”. That is why they are only open for an hour around noon.


Hinode Seimenjo Limited
1-8-5 Fujimi-cho, Sakaide-shi, Kagawa
URL http://www.hinode.net/