Morikuni Shuzo, sake brewery carrying the hopes of the island

Morikuni Shuzo,
sake brewery carrying the hopes of the island

The only sake brewery on Shodo Island

Morikuni Shuzo was founded in 2005. The opening of the relatively new ”sake” brewery became a focus of attention because it was reviving local ”sake” brewing after 35 years.
Since the only ”sake” brewer closed, there were no ”sake” breweries for over a quarter century. The new ”sake” brewery gave great hope to Kagawa citizens as well as the islanders. Morikuni Shuzo was able to meet and exceed their expectations.

Spring water from Mt. Hoshigajo

Morikuni Shuzo used to make ”sake” under a different trade name at another location in Kagawa. Their ”sake” brewing business has continued for 140 years.
Why did they abandon their long history for Shodo Island? They have a simple answer. They wanted to make more delicious ”sake”.
Morikuni Shuzo is very particular about the water. The pure clean spring water on Mt. Hoshigajo at Shodo Island was the answer to their quest for quality water. Rice is important too. However, it is the water that draws out the deliciousness of rice. Good water enables the production of rich and exquisite ”sake”.

The gathering place

They opened Morikuni Forest Garrary (translator’s note: the spelling Garrary follows their website) to promote their ”sake” and other specialties of Shodo Island. The cafe and bar also helped draw people’s attention. The 70-year-old building used to be a food factory. It is a casual, retrospective yet modern space with an unusual, artsy atmosphere.
On the first floor, visitors can enjoy local ”sake” and food based on special products of the island. The gallery on the second floor is used for exhibitions and live events.
Today, many tourists come to Shodo Island to visit the cafe and bar. In the evening, the bar attracts local people as well as tourists. You should try the sake from Morikuni Shuzo that is popular on and off the island.


Morikuni Shuzo Corporation
1010-1 Kou Umaki, Syudosimacho Syouzugun, Kagawa