Yamagoe Udon, the noodle shop with the long line of fans

Yamagoe Udon,
the noodle shop with the long line of fans

Famous for Kamatama udon

Kamatama ”udon” is available all over Japan because of the Sanuki ”udon” boom. Mix ”udon” with an egg, and add ”dashi” and soy sauce. It is a standard item at ”udon” shops. Freshly boiled ”udon” should be served without washing (udon is usually washed after boiling). Mix well to completely coat the ”udon” with egg and ”dashi”. The slightly warmed egg, creating a perfectly mild taste.
The golden coloring from the egg yolk is visually attractive.
Kamatama ”udon” originated at Yamagoe Udon. They are famous for long lines of fans waiting to get inside. During Golden Week, there was a 1.5 km line of cars waiting to try the ”udon”. Only open from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, customers form lines early in the morning. As a courtesy for their enthusiastic fans, the udon shop has umbrellas for rainy days, and straw hats for sunny summer days for customers as they walk from the parking lot to the shop.

Great tasting udon made on site

Originally, Yamagoe Udon is a noodle-making factory. The shop owner two generations back used to run a restaurant, but the previous owner converted the business into a noodle-making factory that sold noodles mainly to wholesalers. Since the Sanuki ”udon” boom in the 1990s, the shop began attracting many customers. At Yamagoe Udon, customers cook the noodles themselves, because it is not a restaurant but a factory. Choose a menu item. Add toppings. Make a payment. Then, go outside, pour ”dashi” and soy sauce over the ”udon”. Find a seat in the garden to enjoy.
Items are available for purchase to take home, such as uncooked ”udon” and a mixture of ”dashi” and soy sauce. Their products are also available for online purchase.
However, it’s best to visit the shop and enjoy very hot Kamatama ”udon”. The flow of customers is quite quick as it generally doesn’t take long to have a bowl of ”udon”. Don’t be discouraged by the long lines as it won’t take very long to get in.


Yamagoe Udon
602-2 Hayukakami, Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa
URL http://www.yamagoeudon.com/