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Inn Adjacent to Nara Park ”Sarusawa Ike Yoshidaya ”

Inn Adjacent to Nara Park
”Sarusawa Ike Yoshidaya ”

Sarusawa Ike Yoshidaya
246 Takahatacho Nara-shi Nara

Accommodation in the center of Nara

Sarusawa Pond is situated in Nara Park, overlooking the 5-storied pagoda of Kofukuji and is said to be one of the best of the 8 scenic spots in Nara. ”Sarusawa Ike Yoshidaya” is just on the eastern side. The lobby and interior of the ”ryokan” is bright in color, and offers a Japanese ambience. The guest rooms are all equipped with U.S. high quality brand ”Kingsdown mattresses” providing quality sleep, with duvet-style bed making. Every effort has been made to overcome the common issue of ”not being able to sleep well away from home”.

”To no Yu” bath available for reservation

Highly recommended is ”To no yu” bath which can be booked in advance. The facility offers a great view of the lit up 5-story pagoda of Kofukuji, and you can relax and fully enjoy this view from the Japanese cypress bath tub. What a relaxing way to enjoy the moment in Nara! (Available for 45 minutes between 15:00 to 22:00)
In the morning, the bells of Kofukuji echo to Sarusawa Pond. You can enjoy morning and afternoon walks in a relaxed setting, close to the ”ryokan”, visiting the many cultural assets.


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