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Bettei Soan

Bettei Soan

Bettei Soan
5-56 Kain, Minamiaso, Aso District, Kumamoto

Healing inn with a view of Mt. Aso

Outstanding location where you can look across Mt. Aso (Aso Gogaku). Bettei Soan is a completely private inn where all guest rooms have an elaborate exclusive semi-open-air bath. There are eight buildings and 16 spacious independent cottage type guest rooEach guest room is equipped with a semi-open-air bath with a different taste, and you can see the magnificent landscape of Minami Aso from anywhere. There are four types of guest rooms, Sukiya style, Traditional style, Western style, and Modern style. You can also select the single level or maisonette type. All guest rooms have an area larger than a standard junior suite.
In addition to the private bath in each guest room, the large public bath facility in the main building of Hotel Yumeshizuku is also available for guests. You can enjoy the various baths, the one with a view, the lie-down bath, and walking bath. You can also enjoy exquisite cuisine using seasonal ingredients and local spring water. ”Aso no Shizuku”, water that gushes forth on the property, has a great reputation for making rice delicious. Rice served at breakfast is also something to look forward to.


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