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Imari Pear made by a master! Matsutaka Farm

Imari Pear made by a master!
Matsutaka Farm

Great balance of sweetness and juiciness

In Saga Prefecture, there are many varieties of fruits harvested throughout the four seasons, but actually, Saga is known to be one of the highest pear producing prefectures in western Japan. ”Kosui” pears have the highest production, but they also produce ”Hosui” and the large ”Atago” which grow to more than 1 kg per fruit. In Imari which is known for pottery, the highly acclaimed ”Imari” pears are produced due to the warm climate and the rich ocean surrounding the area. We visited Matsutaka Farm who are known as the masters of Imari pear.
Matsutaka Farm pears are very juicy, and the crunchy texture is so delicious, it is quite appealing. A pear lover, Nakata picked ripe pears and ate them during the rest of his trip.


Matsutaka Farm
3374-1 Furusato, Minamihatacho, Imari, Saga Prefecture