Vegetables that are worthy of the lead role – NOTO Taka Farm

Vegetables that are worthy of the lead role – NOTO Taka Farm

A 90 minute drive from Kanazawa, Noto Island is a small island with a population of 2500 and is located near the center of Noto Peninsula. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge, making it a popular tourist spot for Ishikawa residents. The views are breathtaking and serene, leading Nakata to exclaim “it’s amazing”. (Mr. Taka)

Toshimitsu Taka moved here about 20 years ago and began organic farming. Originally from Kanazawa, Toshimitsu had a sales job in Fukuoka, but left his job and became a farmer after he and his wife Hiroko became enthralled with the nature and soil on the island.

“We came to Noto Island in hopes of growing vegetables that were safe and assuring. We hardly had any income during the first five years, so I tended the fields while also working as a fisherman and delivering mail.”

Noto Island is a popular tourist destination for the locals with its serene and breathtaking views, and its convenience from the Noto Peninsula. The soil on the island is a red soil rich in iron and minerals, but is not suitable for farming in its natural state. Mr. Taka spent a lot of time creating the ideal soil condition, repeating soil test, adding grass and green manure, putting micro organisms to work. His efforts paid off, and his vegetables gained popularity. He now gets orders from more than 120 restaurants in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Osaka and Kobe among others.

“Both my wife and I enjoy eating, so we would visit different restaurants and learn not only about the dishes, but about which vegetables are a good match for the dishware and cutlery. Soon, we were getting requests to produce vegetables that were not yet available in Japan.” (Mr. Taka)

Many chefs will also visit the farm in person, to request specific vegetables, and he now produces more than 300 varieties from traditional varieties, western vegetables, herbs and even edible flowers. There are more than 15 varieties of radishes alone, and the plot has grown from a mere 2 hectares to 20. It is quite large for a farm that only grows vegetables.

“I become more motivated when I hear that no one else in Japan is making it (laugh), and that’s what led to all the different varieties. I try to rotate the plots, rather than growing the same vegetable in any plot.” (Mr. Taka)

Last year, Taka Farm began selling boxed vegetables for consumers to align with the change in lifestyles. While orders from restaurants were on the decline, many chefs were encouraging him to continue growing vegetables, because they wanted to use his vegetables as soon as they were able to re-open.

Once you try the vegetables from Taka Farms, the veggies from a supermarket just won’t do. Definitely try the vegetables grown in red soil and lots of sun.


NOTO Taka Farm
27-3 Hyakumangokumachi, Notojima, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa
TEL 0767-85-2678