“Organic farm and restaurant at the foot of Mt. Fuji  ”Bio Farm Matsuki”

"Organic farm and restaurant at the foot of Mt. Fuji
”Bio Farm Matsuki”

From a hotelier to a farmer

”Organic Farm, Bio Farm Matsuki” is at the foot of Mount Fuji. While having lunch at ”Restaurant Bios” which opened in 2009, we spoke to the owner, Kazuhiro Matsuki.

Originally, Matsuki was a server at a restaurant in a hotel. After graduating hotel school, he went to France and worked for Nikko de Paris. He worked at first class French restaurants in places such as Ginza after returning to Japan, and he became the chief server at ”Taiyuan Robuchon” in Ebisu. In 1999, he suddenly decided to change his occupation to farming.

When Nakata commented ”It’s such a big transition from being a hotelier to a farmer.”, Matsuki explained the reason for this change in careers.
”Working in a restaurant is a night job. I wanted to do something that involved working during the day, and go home after it gets dark. It’s a more humane way of life. So I chose farming.”

Endless orders from all over Japan

After agricultural training, Matsumoto began organic vegetable farming in Fujinomiya City. In the beginning, he was thinking on a small scale, ”just enough to be self sufficient”, but he now grows about 60 varieties of vegetables in a land of three hectors. Mitsuki’s vegetables match the soil and climate, so they have a strong and deep taste. The flavor became popular, and orders started pouring in from all over the country.

Matsumoto is very active, having written several books, holds lectures, etc. He also holds ”vegetable school”, so people can know more about vegetables. Nevertheless, calling himself ”a farm person”, he spends most of his time in the fields during the day when the sun is out.

A field changes color every season. At ”Restaurant Bios”, one can enjoy seasonal vegetables which Matsuki grew as well as meat, fish, and dairy which he has acquired from local producers.


Bio farm Matsuki
939-1, Oshikakubo, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka,
URL http://www.bio-farm.jp/