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Fumai School Tea Ceremony  “Kasentei Yuraku”

Fumai School Tea Ceremony
“Kasentei Yuraku”

Lord and Great Tea Master

The 7th lord of the Matsue clan, Fumai Matsudaira, was a central figure for Matsue becoming a town of tea culture. He is locally referred to in a friendly manner as “Fumai-ko” (Prince Fumai) or “Fumai-san” to this day. Fumai is actually his tea master name, the real name was Harusato Dewanomori Matsudaira.
Fumai-ko was very talented in the art of tea, and established the very unique “Fumai School”. He was a student of “Sado” (the way of tea ceremony) before becoming a lord of the Matsue clan, was initiated into the “Sekishuryukri school”, and studied in other schools, before finally reaching a new field with “Fumairyu”.

Fumai school continues to the present day

Tea ceremony in the Fumai school style can be experienced at “Kasentei Yuraku”. Guests staying at the inn can enjoy tea and tea sweets served in a tea room facing a Japanese garden. In an orderly tea room where guests may feel the need to keep good posture, warm hospitality awaits.
Kasentei Yuraku also has a library with books and photographs of the culture of Izumo and the history of Shimane. Guests can educate themselves while having coffee.
It is recommended for stimulating your interest in Shimane.


Kasentei Yuraku
1237 Tamatsukuri Tamayucho, Matsue, Shimane