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Hot Spring, Beach and Seafood – Enjoy them all at ”Kasuitei”

Hot Spring, Beach and Seafood - Enjoy them all at

Kaike Onsen, Yonago, Tottori Prefecture

Enjoying the rare natural hot spring

At Kasuitei, a Japanese style inn at Kaike Hot Spring, Yonago city, all the guest rooms have an ocean view. The inn is located ideally on the marine blue Kaike coast with a beautiful view of Mount Daisen. Kaike Hot Spring is rare because the source is located in the ocean. It is said that that many years ago, a fisherman who dove into the ocean discovered the warm water gushing out. Only a few of the inns in Kaike Hot Springs have there own hot spring source, but at Kasuitei, they have a source which they dug on their own. The hot spring is light saline water and is effective for women’s diseases, nerve pain and various other symptoIt is natural thalasso therapy allows you to totally relax. In the summer, the guests can enjoy Iwagaki oysters, and queen crabs in the winter. Summer or winter, guests can enjoy various seafood all year round. Kaike beach, chosen as one of the ”55 Best Beaches in Japan”, is a hidden gem. During the day, enjoy the blue ocean resort, and at night, relax as you soak in the hot spring bath. You can enjoy such luxurious vacation at this inn.


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