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Honey produced in Japan ”Fukuta Apiary”

Honey produced in Japan
”Fukuta Apiary”

Fukuta Apiary
60 Hokkeji, Kokufucho, Tottori-shi, Tottori Prefecture

Honey made in Japan

You can smell the flowers when you open the lid, and when you take a lick, you taste the rich taste of honey. But it is not heavy, and the after taste is refreshing. Fukuta Apiary makes the ideal honey. Their reputation runs high not only in Tottori, but all over Japan. At Fukuta Apiary, they continue to use old fashioned methods for beekeeping and farming. In addition to their own filed of 150,000 square meters, they have another 3.5 million square meters of fields with lotus plants. The fields look like a carpet of flowers in the spring, and the bees collect honey from the lotus flowers.

The taste that makes you crave for more

It is said that 95% of honey consumed in Japan is imported from overseas. It is rare to find pure domestic honey which is rich but not heavy. After the bees collect the honey from the lotus plants, the plants become organic fertilizer for the paddies. Lotus plants and rice plants are a good match, and rice plants grow healthy and freely in paddies where lotus plants were cultivated. There are many other areas in Tottori where the source of honey, flowers, are abundant. In addition to lotus plants, the region is full of acacia, Japanese horse chestnut, canola, cherry, chestnut and soba plants. Fukuta Apiary also grows canola plants, horse chestnut and tulips. The highest quality lotus honey is delicious, but the rich ”tochino honey”, or simple but elegant ”acacia honey” is also delicious. Fukuta Apiary’s honey can be purchased online, and are also used for cakes sold at ”Oenosato Nature Farm”.


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