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Wine that syncs with you ”Misawa Winery”

Wine that syncs with you
”Misawa Winery”

”Japanese” wine that has won many international awards

”When my daughter was born, I made a special wine apart from the ones for sale. I intended to open it at her wedding.” It was Shigekazu Misawa the forth representative of Chuo Budoshu Co., Ltd., who greeted us with this charming episode.

Here at ”Misawa Winery”, they make Koshu wine, managing every process, from growing grapes in their own vineyard, maturing the wine in barrels to bottling, by themselves. The name of ”Cuvée Misawa” is a famous brand, known to every connoisseur of wine. It has achieved many international wards.

Very Japanese wine that synchs with your feelings

Nakata had a taste of Misawa Winery wine, and expressed the taste of it this way. ”After you rise, then you settle down.”

It is an abstract expression, but Misawa took up the words and continued poetically as well. ”Koshu wine is a wine that synchs with you.” ”It doesn’t have an overly strong character, so it goes very well with meals. Especially, it is perfect for Sushi, or Japanese Cuisine.”

He knows the wines from all over the world, and he makes wine to present to the world. The Koshu wine that he makes with his daughter Ayana-san, the brewing manager, is very Japanese in the sense that it goes well with Japanese Cuisine, but at the same time, it meets the world standard.


Misawa Winery
11984-1 Uede, Akeno-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture