Beef cattle that are fed on wine ”Koshu Wine Beef, Kobayashi Bokujo”

Beef cattle that are fed on wine
”Koshu Wine Beef, Kobayashi Bokujo”

Power of wine to bring out the flavor of beef.

Wine beef……? A name of a dish? No, it is beef fed on wine. When the beef cattle is mature enough, marc is added to the feeding stuff. It eliminates the unpleasant smell of meat, and brings out the flavor.

”What surprised me, when I fed them on marc for the first time was that the smell of manure disappeared,” said Teruo Kobayashi of Kobayashi Farm. ”At the same time, the unpleasant smell of meat disappeared and the meat became palatable.”

”How do you recommend it to be cooked?” asked Nakata, and Kobayashi answered instantly, ”Simple is best. I guess, grilling with just salt and pepper is the best way.” We could see that he had confidence in the meat itself.

Using safe feed stuff. For his own grandchildren and all children.

”When choosing grains, I always choose the safer ones. Same goes with marc. When I think of children, safety is very important.” He pays attention on the safety of feed, too. ”To be honest, I don’t want my grandchildren to eat any beef other than what I have reared.” He has confidence in the quality, too.

”Koshu Wine Beef” is unique to the wine country, Yamanashi. It is the delicious and safe beef fed on wine, only reared in Kobayashi Ranch.


Kobayashi Bokujo
1339 Kamiashizawa, Kai-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture