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”Shikikan Saito” Embracing the four seasons, spending a special time

”Shikikan Saito”
Embracing the four seasons, spending a special time

An inn in Appi Hachimantai, located in a National Park

”In Appi Hachimantai, snow piles up in the winter. During the early spring thaw you can see the blue sky and remaining snow on top of Mount Iwate and the flowers sprouting. In the summer, the green leaves are alive, and in the season of autumn, the mountains are painted red. You can truly enjoy the four seasons of Japan.” (Ken Saito, Shikikan Saito)
Hachimantai city, Iwate is located one hour north by car from Morioka station. It is designated as Towada Hachimantai National Park that spreads through 3 prefectures, Aomori, Akita and Iwate. In the summer, many plants will bloom in the high altitude, and in the snow deep winter, Appi Hachimantai is also known as one of Japan’s leading ski resorts.
”Shikikan Saito” was opened in 1999 and welcomes all visitors in this rich nature. In 2010 they renewed the establishment. It is an inn with a sophisticated Japanese style building where time passes very slowly.

The comfort of ”Danburino Yu”, famous for making beautiful skin

The first thing you will want to do when you first arrive at the inn is to head to the ”onsen”. Spring quality is sodium, calcium and hydrogen carbonate spring. The light alkaline water is soft on the skin, and the sodium bicarbonate content makes the old hard skin softer. The carbonate ingredients soaks through the skin and induces blood flow which makes your body warm. It is understandable that it is called the spring for beautiful skin. It certainly is comforting.

Make the trip ”a special day”

Shikikan Saito is also famous as an ”Inn for foodies”. They purchase a beef part that is available in only small quantities from Maezawa Beef, which is famous in Iwate. The ingredients are prepared simply, as they seek to serve the dishes at the most delicious moment.
”We are careful to keep the balance between dishes that require a lot of preparation in order to maximize the taste of the ingredients, and dishes that do not need a lot of preparation.” (Ken Saito, Shikikan Saito)
The head chef, Minezaki has knowledge and technique for Macrobiotic food, so he can make adjustments for allergies as well as other special dietary needs. In the evening they serve lavish food, and the breakfast buffet is delicious. During the summer, they use home grown vegetables and create each dish with care to bring out the innate color, flavor and taste possessed by the ingredients from Iwate.
You can spend a time away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, surrounded by beautiful nature and encountering delicious food. Your body and should will be satisfied, allowing you to relish in the ”special day”. The staff’s thoughtful and delicate hospitality also adds to the welcoming nature of this inn.


Shikikan Saito
254-9 Akasakata, Hachimantaishi, Iwate Prefecture