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Yumesenkei Besso Amahara – A graceful, fully relaxing vacation

Yumesenkei Besso Amahara
- A graceful, fully relaxing vacation

Yumesenkei Besso Amahara
1052-2 Orodani, Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture

Great view of the Seto Inland Sea from the terrace

Amahara is the annex of Awaji Yumesenkei that is the second establishment of Hotel New Awaji, the hotel which offers a view of the ocean from all of the guest roo The hotel is located in the coastal area of Komoe that is the eastern coast of Awaji Island.
The legend of the birth of Japan is told in ”Kojiki” (”An Account of Ancient Matters”, the oldest historical account in Japan), which says the country started with the current Awaji island. The name of the hotel was inspired by the passage about Taka-amahara where the gods were living.
The hotel is conceived to be treated as your second home. The hotel has 18 guestrooms, all of which have a balcony and an outdoor bathtub. Guests can overlook Seto Inland Sea from the guest room. For two duplex villas, Shoju and Umisaki, a balcony is connected with a pier to be exclusively used by villa guests for direct access to the beach.

Enjoy onsen and relax

At Spaterrace Mizuki, the common facilities for Hotel New Awaji and Awaji Yumesenkei, visitors can enjoy two types of hot spring: Komoe Onsen (Opaque hot spring water from the source spring within the premises) and Sumoto Onsen (the source located on Mt. Mikuma). The hotel has a garden lounge that is exclusively available for Amahara guests. Guests can have digestifs and use the library and the Internet there. At Amahara, you can spend your private time freely by the sea.


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