”Sumihei Ryokan” Embraced with Blessings from the  Sea of Japan.

”Sumihei Ryokan”
Embraced with Blessings from the Sea of Japan.

Enjoy Delicacies from the Sea

”Sumihei Ryokan” has a history of more than 140 years, greeting guests at this location, Taiza, by the Tango peninsula facing the Sea of Japan . The location allows abundant fresh seafood to be presented with great pride. ”Sumihei Ryokan” serves exquisite cuisine from the sea throughout the year with tasty succulent seafood . Large ”Taiza crabs” in the winter, spring abalone in the spring,, sea urchins and oysters in the summer. For fish-lovers it would be a dream come true where rare fish such as flatheads, iwatai, and flying fish may be served. Furthermore, they are particular about the salt used for their cuisine, the ”Kotohiki salt” made from seawater off the coast of Kotohiki, famous for ”naki suna”, the singing sand. Savor the delicacies from the Sea of Japan .

Adorn The Scenery

There are 11 guest rooms facing the Sea of Japan. The new inconspicuous hidden room opened in July 2010 is named ”Kairin, the bells of the sea”. The room has its own jacuzzi and a spacious terrace, also enabling you to enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by nature. The room faces the sea, with the mountains behind. Relish the amazing sunset from your room. Adorn the transformation of the sky and the sea, a fulfilling sensation of being enveloped and entertained by nature.


Sumihei Ryokan
3718 Taiza, Tangocho, Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture
URL http://www.sumihei.com/lg_en/