Drinking the manly sake of Hokuriku while enjoying fish ”Miyake Hikouemon Shoten”

Drinking the manly sake of Hokuriku while enjoying fish
”Miyake Hikouemon Shoten”

Pursuit of better ”ginjo sake”

Rich aroma, clear aftertaste, profound taste. All of these features are symbolic of the depth of the ”Hayaseura” label of ”Miyake Hikouemon Shoten”. It is a small brewery, and the annual amount of its production is 54,000 liters. However, the name of the brewery spread by word of mouth attracting attention, and has secured fans all around the country.

The 12th generation, Norihiko Miyake is a graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture, known as the institution where sons of brewery owners gather from around the country. Miyake was frustrated with his family business only making regular types of ”sake”, especially when his college classmates brought in ”ginjo sake” from their breweries. After graduating, he made a decision to start making higher grade premium ”sake” such as ”ginjo sake”.

Using blessings from the land and doing honest work

Miyake told us that the time he spent with the ”kurabito” or brewery workers was very important.
“They tried hard to fulfill my wishes. Looking back, I feel I was nurtured by these people.”
Fukui is well-known for Gohyakumangoku, brewer’s rice. Using the rice generously, the ”sake” has a deep flavor, gaining popularity over time. The groundwater within the brewery’s premises is abundant in mineral, aiding the fermentation process and creating a dry, clear taste. Because of its location in Mihama-cho, a fishermen’s town, they were asked to create a “”sake” that could be consumed in large volume without causing a hangover.” What kind of ”sake” do they hope to make?
“We want to make ”sake” that brings up images of those making it and the environment it was made in, just with a single sip. The only way to achieve this is to stay honest when making the ”sake”.”
Located close to the sea, the land and climate of Mihama-cho influences the taste of the ”sake”. Hayaseura is brewed to further refine the taste of local ”sake”.


Miyake Hikouemon Shuzo Limited
21-7 Hayase, Mihama, Mikata District, Fukui