”Yokohama Kimijimaya, Satoshi Kimijima” – Wanting to drink great liquor

”Yokohama Kimijimaya,Satoshi Kimijima”
- Wanting to drink great liquor

Transforming from a standing bar

Satoshi Kimijima, is the fourth generation owner of the liquor shop. He himself travels all over Japan and the world to find good ”sake” and wine. His liquor shop, Yokohama Kimijimaya is popular for the delicious ”sake” and wine chosen by the owner himself.
Kimijima’s ”knowledge” and ”connoisseur” has earned him a number of titles in wine producing countries, and restaurants and hotels trust his selection of wine and ”sake”. He also holds events such as seminars on ”sake” in cities like London, Paris, and New York with ”sake” brewers to introduce ”sake” both within Japan and abroad. He is actively involved in the growth of the ”sake” industry.
Yokohama Kimijimaya is a long-established liquor shop which started business in 1892. Their style of business was completely different until Kimijima became the president. It was originally a liquor store but also an establishment where one could enjoy drinks while standing. The liquor sold there were not all high-grade. However, Kimijima decided to make it a liquor shop which ”only sells liquor that he acknowledged as good tasting, including those with unknown labels”.

Appealing to the younger generation

An interesting conversation during the interview.
”What are your objectives, goals?” (Nakata)
”I want to turn Yokohama into a ’rock city.’” ( Kimijima)
”(Laughing,) No, no, goals regarding your business.” (Nakata)
”Yes. I mean ’rock city’ as Kimijimaya’s business.” (Kimijima)
The staff were completely at a loss when Kimijima started to explain as he showed us a flyer for a live rock event. ”I’ve always wanted much younger generation to drink good Japanese liquor. This is how I conceived this idea of a live rock concert. You know how you get a drink for 500 yen (”one-coin”) at clubs with live music? In this case, the drinks served will be ’sake’ and wine sold at Kimijimaya, not cheap liquor.”
Yokohama Rock City Project provides the younger generation with good, delicious ”sake” and wine with the underlying theme of ”MADE IN JAPAN.” With his unique sensitivity, Kimijima aspires to share quality drinks with everyone.

Two liquor enthusiasts

“We heard a lot about sharing the good stuff during the interview, and were also treated to many bottles of good wine. He even opened a very rare wine for a ”very special occasion.” He took a sip and offered some to Nakata as well. The way he offered the wine symbolized how much he loves to drink.
”See how the color is yellowish. This wine is very mature, but it’s usually difficult to bring out this color. You can clearly see the characteristics of Chardonnay. We don’t see this in wines produced in Japan.” This is his usual style.

Nakata responded, ”Yes, I see what you’re saying. The aroma is strong but the palate is fresh.” ”I know of a very delicious wine in Hokkaido.” ”Yes, this is very delicious.” ”No, maybe this one was better before, maybe not mature enough,” they continued, forgetting that this was an interview, and their never-ending discussion on wine and ”sake” became more heated. It was because of their love for ”sake” and wine that this interview was such a success


Yokohama Kimijimaya
3-30 Minamiyoshida-cho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
URL https://kimijimaya.co.jp/