Warm Nature-friendly Accommodation ”Kutsurogi no Yado, Tetsu”

Warm Nature-friendly Accommodation
”Kutsurogi no Yado, Tetsu”

Accommodation in Chichijima Ogasawara

Tetsuya Nakamura, owner of the ”ryokan” “Kutsurogi no Yado, Tetsu” recalls when he first stepped onto the Ogasawara islands. It took him a good 28 1/2 hours from the port of Tokyo by ferry. “The clear blue water was so serene and beautiful, more so than anywhere I’d been before, Okinawa, Hawaii, or even the Philippines.”
He was awed and so drawn to Ogasawara, he decided to move there. For a few years, he worked in a restaurant on Chichijima and mingled with the tourists. He soon felt a strong emotion growing within. “Ogasawara nature is its strongest characteristic. Why not start a place that would offer service and accommodation to top that?” In the 2006, he opened “Kutsurogi no Yado, Tetsu” in an close to the center of town.

Rooms Made in Harmony with Nature

A leading authority on environmental construction was put in charge of the architecture, using pesticide-free, non-chemical building material, and plaster stucco for the interior and exterior walls. The guest rooms consist of 3 Western style rooms in the main building and 2 in the annex. A quiet relaxing ambience that allows you to appreciate both the natural Ogasawara environment and the serene atmosphere in the rooms, with its whitewashed walls, natural wood, and large windows that give you a full view of the greenery outside. The calmness makes time pass slowly, all within the ”ryokan’s” framework of Japanese style hospitality toward their guests.

Handling Ingredients with Care and Respect

The ”ryokan’s” policy is “being considerate to both Earth and Man”. Meals are organic-conscious with no additives, completely MSG-free, created with fresh ingredients from the islands. During the summer, island okra, shikaku beans, and rare island lemons can be savored. Menus are well-thought out, the byproduct of “Island Food Culinary Workshops” held regularly with fellow restaurant business owners on the island. These scrumptious dishes could not have been created, if not for the strong passion to satisfy guests. “Kutsurogi no Yado Tetsu” welcomes nature-lovers, with their peaceful atmosphere and delightful food. “I can assure that the trip to Ogasawara will be memorable. Please come and feel the warmth from the islands, named after family members; the father island, mother island, brother island. ”


Kutsurogi no Yado, Tetsu
Kitafukurozawa Chichijima Ogasawara Tokyo
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