Smoke stretches to Hida mountains “Curnontue”

Smoke stretches to Hida mountains



A delicious atelier in Hida Takayama

Curnontue opened for business in 1998 in Hida Takayama.
It is an atelier for making bacon, prosciutto, sausage, and more, using selected Berkshire pork. The owner has great passion for smoked food, and traveled to the Jura mountains in the Conte region of France to receive extensive training.
The mountains surrounding Hida Takayama and the severity of the winter is very similar to the geography and climate of Jura mountains.

Captivating taste of matured meat

In the atelier which resembles a 17th century traditional smokehouse (chue), there are many pieces of meat, all golden brown, hanging from the ceiling. The room is filled with a delicious aroma, and it certainly stimulates the appetite. You can have a taste of the meat right on the spot. The meat that has been smoked for an extended period is rich in flavor, and Nakata enjoyed tasting the meat with a glass of wine.
Products are also available by mail order, and orders from all over Japan are flooding in.

The name ”Curnontue” is an imaginary word, combining ”Curnonsky” – a gourmand who spread the regional cuisines of France to the world, and ”chue”, which is the name of smokehouses in the Conte region where the owner studied smoking techniques. ”Chue” in French also has the meaning ”to have someone surrender”. There is humor in the name of the atelier as well, ” What’s wrong with making you surrender to delicious food?”



3154 Makigahora, Kiyomicho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture