”Kama-age udon” “Shigenoi”

”Kama-age udon”

Enjoying an “udon” restaurant

Nakata’s friend introduced him to this very famous restaurant, whose name will definitely come up, when talking of “kama-age” in Miyazaki. The soft and somewhat thin noodles are made using the traditional hand kneading method, the dough being kneaded with the feet for two and a half hours, then by hand for another two hours. The broth is somewhat sweet, made from kelp from the Rishiri area, “shiitake” of Miyazaki, and shaved dried bonito, and is exquisite.
There are only two “udon” on the menu; regular or large. They will start boiling the “udon” after taking orders, so you must wait for 15 minutes or so. There are also “inarizushi” and “chirashizushi”, but the specialty that is not on the menu as recommended by Nakata’s friend is to dip the “inarizushi” in the udon broth. You must finish every last drop of the broth, by pouring it in the “udon” bowl: that’s the restaurant’s recommendation.


”Kama-age udon” Shigenoi
8-19 Kawahara-machi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture