”Miso” with character ”Miso Hoshiroku”

”Miso” with character
”Miso Hoshiroku”

”Smoothness” changes with maturity

“I like ’sake’ tasting but ’miso’ tasting may be a little salty,” laughs Masao Hoshino as he places various “miso” before Nakata. The variation is numerous, such as rice “miso,” wheat “miso,” soybean “koji miso,” “miso” aged one year, two years and three years. Nakata tastes them all. “They all taste differently. I suppose the more mature they are, they are smooth. I like this one the most.” Nakata’s favorite one is named “Kodawari Miso,” a combination of “koji”(rice malt) and soybean “koji” aged two years. “I’m glad you like it. Like the name ’Kodawari,’ we are very particular about how it is made,” said Hoshino happily. “One of the senior miso maker had me taste soybean ’koji miso’ which he said might have been the original form of ’miso.’” Hoshino said that may have triggered his development of the of “Kodawari Miso.” In order to maintain the taste of soybean he does not boil the beans but steams them, a method Hoshino found through trial and error. He uses “Umi-no-sei” salt from Izuoshima.

Character that makes Hoshiroku’s product

”Miso” that Nakata said was smooth was aged two years. “Miso” tastes differently with age. Hoshino explains with a gentle expression, “’Miso’ aged for a year is like the teens, headstrong. The sweetness and the saltiness is still sharp. When they’ve aged two years, they begin to think about harmony like the men in their 30s. They have girlfriends and family to think about. ’Miso’ aged three years are like people in their 50s. They begin to look back on life.” He says three-year “miso” have very distinct aroma. “There are very loyal fans of three-year ’miso.’ The aroma is very distinct but they say this is what makes it a product of Hoshiroku. On the other hand, some people do not like the aroma. This is very interesting.”

Unique aroma of wheat ”miso”

“Miso” tastes and smells differently depending on its ingredients. Nakata tastes two types of “miso” soup, one made with wheat “miso” and the other with “Kodawari Miso.” Nakata is surprised with the unique aroma of wheat “miso.” “The aroma of ’Kodawari Miso’ is very familiar. The aroma of wheat ’miso’ is very new to me.” “I like this one, too. There are many people that like the smell of wheat.” There also is “Kiwami,” “miso” matured for ten years. Hoshino told us this “miso” reminds him of his 97 year old mother, a master of life. The various “miso” made with tender care by Hoshino all have their very own character.


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