Miso just like Mikawa warriors ”Kakukyu”

Miso just like Mikawa warriors

Hatcho miso made by maturing

”Miso cutlets”, ”miso simmered udon”, ”miso ramen”, and ”miso dengaku”. Aichi prefecture is famous for dishes made using ”Hatcho miso”, which is known for its rich and heavy taste. ”Hatcho miso” is red ”miso” made from only soybeans, salt, and water. The process consists of steamed soybeans made into fist sized balls (called miso balls), where seed malt is sprinkled and left to ferment. When the ”miso dama” is covered with malt (called mame koji), it is crushed and mixed with salt and water (called moromi). ”Moromi” is put into large wooden casks, covered with cedar boards, then large stones are placed on top as weight. After 2 to 3 years of maturing, the ”miso” is ready. Since the more common ”rice miso” only takes about 6 months to mature, it is apparent how much longer it takes for Hatcho miso to mature. Ordinary rice loses its aroma and flavor if matured for this long. However, with Hatcho miso, the longer the maturation, the richer and fuller the taste and aroma will be.

Valued by Mikawa war warriors as staple food

The most popular Hatcho miso commonly seen in supermarkets are the ”Kakukyu” brand. It dates back in history, as its foundation was during the time of Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa, and the present owner is the 19th in succession. Their headquarter building and ”miso2 warehouse are aptly designated as National Tangible Cultural Properties.

The owners have successively inherited the name, Kyuemon Hayakawa, though they already had the know-how of ”miso” making prior to the foundation of their establishment. Hatcho miso was invaluable as staple food for Mikawa warriors, as it could be preserved, was easy to carry, and was tasty. Hatcho miso spread throughout the country when the feudal lords gathered in Edo for ”sankin koutai”. Kakukyu has been a leading brand of Hatcho miso, rugged but trustworthy, the character of Kakukyu miso resembles Mikawa warriors.


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