Appreciating life for a sustainable future – KURKKUFIELDS

Appreciating life for a sustainable future – KURKKUFIELDS

Located in Chiba, KURUKKUFIELDS is a sustainable farm and park that shows a potential exceeding its 30-hectare property. The facility was created by Takeshi Kobayashi, a musician who is known for his work with Southern All Star and Mr. Children, as well as his own band, Bank Band. He has been actively involved in environmental issues and supporting redevelopment with his NPO “ap bank” which was established in 2003, providing funding for those involved in sustainable natural energy and environmental protection, holding music festival “ap bank fes”, and launching “Reborn-Art Festival” music festival. In 2019, he opened KURKKUFIELDS as a sustainable farm that demonstrates the potential for people and society through farming, food and art.

“When he started the project, he stated that there would be no finish. Our goal is a facility that continues to grow organically, through farming that continues into the future, creating a new connection between people and economy. It’s about an hour from Tokyo, so we hope those living in urban areas can come to learn about faming and nature.” (Koma Arai, staff at KURKKUFIELDS)

There is a very comfortable café, a gift shop selling bread, processed meats and sweets, as well as art pieces by notable artists such as Yayoi Kusama. If that weren’t enough to attract visitors, there is also a farm with a biotope, chicken barn, cattle barn and a solar energy system. The gentle hill leads you to the cow barn which houses the only water buffalos on the mainland. Hidetoshi Takeshima, who spent many years learning about cheese in southern Italy produces mozzarella cheese that lives up to the Italian version. He is responsible for selecting and caring for the water buffalos. The water buffalo are larger than the cattle used for meat and dairy, and have horns. It’s apparent the cattle barn is well maintained due to the lack of the distinct livestock odor. We taste the fresh mozzarella made from buffalo milk which is not as abundant as cow milk. The texture and the rich yet refreshing taste is exquisite. Even Nakata, who spent many years in Italy was impressed.
“It’s delicious! I never imagined I’d be able to eat such delicious mozzarella cheese in Japan.”

At KURKKUFIELDS DINING, guests can enjoy not only the mozzarella cheese, but also the fresh vegetables and eggs from the farm.
There is also a Creative Park where guests can enjoy a picnic or sport, Tiny House Village where you can spend the night and experience farm life. There are also plans to create a facility for music.

Thinking about sustainability in a setting that is fun, enjoyable, and tasty. KURKKUFIELDS symbolizes the future and potential of a sustainable lifestyle.


2503 Yana, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba 292-0812
TEL 0438-53-8776