KURKKU FIELDS, a sustainable farm that envisions the future

KURKKU FIELDS, a sustainable farm that envisions the future


KURKKU FIELDS, a sustainable farm and park located in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, is a facility that offers possibilities far beyond its approximately 30 hectares of land. The facility was created by Takeshi Kobayashi, a musician who produces Mr. Children and is himself a member of Bank Band. Mr. Kobayashi founded the non-profit organization “ap bank” in 2003, and with the theme of sustainability, he has been involved in environmental issues and reconstruction assistance by providing loans to people engaged in natural energy and environmental conservation activities, holding the outdoor music event “ap bank fes,” and launching the “Reborn-Art Festival,” a comprehensive art festival featuring art, music, and food. In 2019, KURKKU FIELDS was born as a sustainable farm that proposes future human and social affluence based on the three concepts of “agriculture,” “food,” and “art.
Kobayashi said from the very beginning of building this facility, “There is no completion here. We want this facility to grow organically to create a new cycle of agriculture, nature, and economy that will lead to the future. It only takes about an hour to get here from Tokyo, so we also hope that it will provide an opportunity for people living in the heart of the city to think about agriculture and nature.”

A sustainable experience for the future

On the premises, there is a cozy café, a store selling bread, processed meat, and sweets, and an exhibition of works by famous contemporary artists from Japan and abroad, including Yayoi Kusama. This is an attractive facility in itself. But there is also a farm, a biotope, a chicken coop, a cow barn, and even a solar power generation system. A leisurely stroll through the rolling hills brought us to the cowshed. This is the only place in Honshu where buffaloes are kept. Mr. Hidetoshi Takeshima, a cheese maker who has been engaged in cheese making in southern Italy for many years, purchases the buffalo, raises them, and produces mozzarella cheese that is as good as the real thing. The horned buffalo are a bit larger than the beef and dairy cows we saw on our trip. The barns are kept clean and free of the smells characteristic of the livestock industry. We enjoyed mozzarella, freshly made that morning, while looking at the buffalo from the side. Each buffalo milks only 1/5th of a Holstein, making it a rare breed. The rich but refreshing flavor and chewy, fresh texture are exceptional. Hidetoshi Nakata, who lived in Italy for many years, exclaimed.
Yes, it’s delicious! I never thought I would be able to enjoy such delicious mozzarella in Japan.
At the KURKKU FIELDS DINING, visitors can enjoy not only the mozzarella, but also fresh vegetables and eggs from the KURKKU FIELDS.
In addition, there is a Creative Park where you can enjoy picnics, market days, and live events on a regular basis, as well as an overnight program in the “Tiny House Village” where you can spend your mornings and evenings feeling at one with nature while participating in the farm’s activities. The park is also equipped with villa-type accommodations and other amenities.

I felt that KURKKU FIELDS is presenting a new future that communicates the richness of a connected lifestyle with agriculture at its core.


2503 Yana, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba 292-0812
TEL 0438-53-8776
URL https://kurkkufields.jp/