Raising the mystical pig ”middle white pork”  ”Yasushi Kuwahara”

Raising the mystical pig ”middle white pork”
”Yasushi Kuwahara”

Traipsing around the world to produce the best pork

”See that pig over there with a thick tail? Pigs with thick tails have large edible parts, like the loin.”
”When you gather pigs of different varieties, sometimes pigs with a different smell get bullied.”
The world famous breeder, Yasuo Kuwahara said, looking at the pigs as if they were his children.

Kuwahara is interested in the delicious flavor of a rare breed, Middle White pigs (Y).
As Kuwahara says ”the Middle White pork is the most delicious meat in the world”, it is the highest quality pork in every part from the meat to fat.
However, the production and economic efficiency is low compared to other varieties, so breeding of Middle White pigs has plummeted worldwide. In 1996, there were only 7 of this breed in Japan.

Orders from top restaurants

Kuwahara wanted to create ”pork which best suits the taste buds of Japanese people” from Middle White pork. He put aside the issues of inefficiency such as high effort and cost, and created hybrid breeds LYB (Landrace x Middle White x Berkshire) and LY (Landrace x Middle White) based on Middle White pork.

The meat is so soft that even the toughest area, the thigh, can be served as steak. Once you take a bite, the flavor and the aroma of the pork spreads in your mouth.
Fine restaurants across the country are fascinated by its taste, so the orders come in non-stop.
Even though he is the only breeder in Japan who raises all six great original pork, Kuwahara continues to travel all around the world to find better tasting pork.


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