It Began with Sharing Among Neighbors ”Pork Baaku”

It Began with Sharing Among Neighbors
”Pork Baaku”

”Food” Links Producers to the Consumers

Izumisawa Farm is a pig farm as well as producers of rice. They used to share excess pork that they couldn’t consume themselves with their neighbors. Soon with the neighbors’ encouragement, they started to produce ham and sausages to be sold. It has been 25 years since they opened their store, now with a restaurant as well.
As this was the sequence of events to their opening, their quality of pork is outstanding. At Izumisawa Farm, all their pigs are fed with inhouse produced feed, and they take a full month more than average to raise their pigs. This way, they can raise marble meat, sweet and savoury. Obviously with this meat, what else can you expect than delicious ham?
”Baaku” holds an autumn annual event called the ”Syoku no Ranhansha”with neighboring producers and restaurants. Participating producers serve dishes using the ingredients they raise, have workshops dismantling pork, etc. A good opportunity for producers to meet their consumers. Participants have been on the increase, with 2000 people gathering last year. Ham made from pigs that are raised in the vast pasture at the base of Mt. Kongo. Enjoy a taste of this delicacy yourself.


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