The key to good beef is ”water” ”Himi Beef Specialized Store Tanaka”

The key to good beef is ”water”
”Himi Beef Specialized Store Tanaka”

Natural Spring Happy for Cattle too

Himi Toyama is a town that is located on the eastern end of Noto peninsula. If you look back from the beach line, you would be able to enjoy the scenery view of both the sea and the mountain. Here, nature offers not just the beautiful view but clear waters as well. The natural spring nurtures the Himi cattle into the best quality beef. The natural spring water from the Tateyama mountains activates the microorganisms inside the cattle’s stomach and helps with digestion. In addition the peaceful atmosphere helps the cattle live in peace. As a result, the cattle eat well and grow with meaty flesh.

Along with Delicious Local Rice

This day, we visited livestock farmer Tanaka-san who raises approximately 80 Himi cattle. He feeds them with original blended feed, one ingredient being ”local pumpkins”. They have an event for pumpkins, and when the event is over, the pumpkins are collected and fed to the cattle. We also visited Nakatani-san’s farm, which used compost from .Tanaka-san’s farm as fertilizers. We ask what made him decide to use compost from Himi cattle to mix into the earth for his farm. ”This naturally came about as a result of everyone’s pursuit for better taste and environment. We came to this conclusion after our search.” It is 16 years since they have started using Himi cattle compost. They are always on the lookout for improving their rice.

Savoring Himi Beef

Himi beef can be savored at the restaurant, ”Tabedokoro Tanaka”. Barbecue beef and steak has always been a popular menu selected among their customers, but the ground beef cutlet also share on the good reputation. Bite into the crispy crunchy deep fried batter and the juicy meaty flavor spreads in your mouth. A moment of absolute bliss. And then if you enjoy it, you’d want to share the experience with your friends. Customers appreciate the gift box sets as well. Himi beef nurtured in the natural environment of Toyama. Give it a try yourself.


Himi Beef Specialized Store Tanaka
JA Green Center 3931-1 Asahigaoka Himi-shi Toyama