Pigs that drink wine from a magnum ”Koshu Wine Ton”

Pigs that drink wine from a magnum
”Koshu Wine Ton”

Pigs drinking wine? Never seen anything like it.

The owner of the farm, Masaichi Misoka took us to the pigsty.
”Oh my goodness, they are really drinking!” What surprised Nakata was that the pigs were drinking wine. And they were drinking straight out of magnum bottles.

Misoka raises ”Wain Ton”, pigs that are fed on wine. The meat has no unpleasant smell and has a rich flavor.

Misoka is now a veteran pig farmer, but he originally started raising pigs to make manure for tomato farming. Gradually, he became interested in raising pigs for meat, studied about various breeds, and increased the number of pigs. Now he is well known as the only pig farmer to raise ”Wain Ton”.

It came down to a very light white wine. The unpleasant smell just disappeared.

”What kind of wine do you give them?” asked Nakata. ”Have a taste,” replied Misoka, handing Nakata a bottle and a glass.

A small bottle of white wine.
”See? It’s very light, isn’t it? At the beginning I thought I must feed them with good wine to make the meat good. But it was no good. Good wine has strong aroma, which remained in the meat. ” He tried this and that with no avail.

”In the end, I tried this light wine, thinking I’ll quit if it doesn’t work. ”
However, it did work, and the unpleasant smell was totally gone.

Now Wain Ton is very popular nationwide, and many orders are coming from restaurants.
Nakata and his staff were given grilled Wine Ton for taste, and everyone found it yummy, and the plate became empty immediately.


Misoka Farm
1601 Kamihagihara, Enzan, Koshu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture