A patisserie representative of Tokyo – Aigre Douce

A patisserie representative of Tokyo – Aigre Douce

Aigre Douce, a cake shop located in Mejiro, is always full of customers. The display is filled with standard cake like strawberry shortcake, Mont Blanc, cream puffs and mille-feuille, as well as original cakes, pound cakes, baked items, and macaroons. The store resembles a sweets shop in Europe with its stylish exterior, large windows, and colorful sweets.

“The ideal store is one where locals drop by during their walk. I strive to be a cake shop that is loved by everyone from the elderly to small children.” (Norihiko Terai, pâtissier)
Mr. Terai travelled to Europe after studying in Japan and studied in France and Belgium. He returned to Japan as an instructor at the “Le Cordon Bleu” then worked as the pâtissier at “Hotel de Mikuni” before opening Aigre Douce in 2004. The store name means “sweet, tart” in French.

A few times a year, Nakata craves the strawberry shortcake at Aigre Douce. Although it seems like any other cake shop, each cake represents the special care and attention that goes into each step from selecting the ingredients to how they are made.
“The Mont Blanc needs to be fluffy, so we prepare it only after a customer orders one. It’s best if it’s enjoyed within an hour.”

As expected, the Mont Blanc is very light. The meringue is also fluffy, and the sweetness of the chestnut and the chestnut cream melts quickly with each bite.

Nakata’s favorite, “Chantilly Fraise” also looks like a traditional strawberry shortcake with strawberries, cream, and sponge cake. It’s such a simple combination yet the tartness of the strawberries, the rich cream, and the texture of the sponge cake merges together perfectly in your mouth. It’s unlike any other strawberry shortcake. The other baked items are also quite popular.
There are about 10 different varieties of pound cakes available, as well as macaroons, financiers, and canelés, all of which exceed your expectations and are often purchased as gifts.

In the back, there are more than 10 young pâtissiers dressed in white busily making cakes. We inquired about the large number of staff considering the size of the shop.
“Making delicious cakes requires a lot of work, so we tend to have a lot of staff.”

Being particular about the ingredients, the process, and the people. That’s probably why the cakes are so delicious.


Aigre Douce
TEL 03-5988-0330