Consistently in the top three “ankoro mochi” – Enpachi

Consistently in the top three “ankoro mochi” - Enpachi

The “ankoro mochi” from Enpachi, the renowned Japanese sweets shop in Ishikawa, has long been a local favorite.
It is included in the top 3 “ankoro mochi” of Japan along with “akafuku” from Ise and “ankoro mochi Toraya” in Kurashiki, Okayama.
Using azuki beans from Hokkaido and sticky rice grown at the foothills of Hakusan mountains, the azuki beans are steamed using the waters from Hakusan mountain, cooked, and steamed a second time to remove any impurities before the secret syrup is added to create the very smooth and aromatic paste.

Enpachi was established in 1737, and had a small shop at the Matto train station when the Hokuryo Line began operations in 1898. There are several stores around Ishikawa as it has become a local favorite, in addition to being sold at Kanazawa station and Komatsu airport.

When you open the bamboo wrapper, there are 9 small bite size ankoro mochi. The azuki flavor has a depth that surrounds the soft mochi, and while it is simple, it is difficult to just have one.

There is a story behind the ankoro mochi sold at Enpachi.
In the first year, the store owner planted a cypress seedling, with the wish that it would grow to be a large tree if his wishes came true. The following day, he disappeared without a trace, leaving his family behind.
His family found it difficult to make ends meet, but later in the year, her husband appeared at her bedside as a tengu (a mythical figure). The tengu told he that he was “training with a tengu in the Kurama mountains of Kyoto. Follow my directions to make bean paste and smooth it onto mochi, and you will be blessed with good health and success in business.”

While the validity of the story is hard to prove, it is an undeniable fact that the ankoro mochi at Enpachi has continued to be made in the same way for more than 270 years, and is now loved around the nation, not just Ishikawa.

The dorayaki are also a favorite and are available in 3 flavors – “nama dorayaki” with the sweet bean paste and cream filling, “cheese dorayaki” with the cream cheese filling” and “matcha dorayaki” which is a perfect combination of coarse bean paste and matcha. Each is very light.

The main store also offers a collaboration with a local gelateria “ankoro gelato” as well as the option to eat at the store with green tea.

Ankoro mochi and dorayaki are available for purchase on the store website. Ankoro mochi has a short shelf life, so it’s shipped frozen, but can be enjoyed just like in the store if you allow it to thaw naturally.


107 Shiromachi, Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa 924-0023
TEL 076-275-0018