Color and texture that is soft and gentle ”Ceramic artist, Katsuji Uwataki”

Color and texture that is soft and gentle
”Ceramic artist, Katsuji Uwataki”

Soft colors created by cloth dyeing

Ceramic artist Takiji Uwataki originally learned Arita pottery in Arita, Saga prefecture.
Currently known as a prize winning artist in Japanese ”kogei” exhibitions, he started creating artistic pieces when he was 31 years old.
”I went to study with master Kamiya. When I saw his work, I thought ”This is what real pottery looks like.” It made me want to try it for myself.”

Soft neutral colors like red and purple emerge on the porcelain Uwataki makes, colors not seen anywhere else in the country.
That gentleness is the most significant feature of Uwataki art.
In order to produce that color, Uwataki uses a technique called ”cloth dyeing”.
Usually, color is painted with a brush, but Uwataki puts a cloth on top of the unglazed pottery, and fixed the color with a brush.
That is why the patterns have a gentle look, like they might move when the wind blows.

Combination of Arita and Kanto senses

The soft colors float on the surface of intense Arita porcelain.
”Why are you particular about this reddish purple?”
To Nakata’s question, Uwataki answered ”Maybe it is the Kanto sense.”
”The Kyushu area where Arita is located, prefers more primary colors. Since I came back to Sakura, I wanted to use soft and gentle colors. Since then, it took me 30 years to achieve these colors. I feel like it’s finally happened. Because this warmth is the origin of my work.”

There are many large scale pieces among Uwataki’s work.
”Large porcelain is part of an ideal in Arita, so I will keep making larger pieces.”
Bold appearance with soft colors.
A gentleness could be felt in all of his work.


Sakura pottery Katsuji Uwataki
Sakura, Chiba