Pottery ware made in the woods ” Yuriko Matsuda”

Pottery ware made in the woods
” Yuriko Matsuda”

An array of colorful works that are eye catching.

An atelier surrounded by the woods. Take a step into it and one sees colorful pottery ware being displayed. It is the atelier of Yuriko Matsuda, a highly renowned potter who has received many awards in and out of Japan. Her works have brilliant colors and unique forms. Designs of bright red and gold with motifs of plants jump into the eye.

”When you create your works, what kind of images do you have on mind?” asked Nakata. Matsuda replied, ”I usually start with a theme. I’ve made some works on the theme of vegetables, and also on the theme of Mt. Fuji. Sometimes the theme would be the functionality of the vessels, such as pouring or presenting food.”

She makes art pieces for exhibitions as well as more practical things that could actually be used on a dining table.
”When you make something ”practical”, I guess it is difficult to balance between utility and the uniqueness of design,” said Nakata.
”Of course, that’s always a concern. But I always think, I want draw such a picture, so I want to make such a vessel. Or if I come up with an interesting form, I turn it over my head what should I draw there. It’s a lot of fun.”

”It’s clay. Just stretch it a little bit.” Always have a flexible mind, just like the flexibility of clay.

Nakata had a go at cup making. He stretched out the clay very carefully.

”Ah, look, it may be a little too short here. But it’s clay, so just stretch it a little bit. No problem. I take things much easier nowadays,” so laughed Matsuda. Her works seemed to convey such free and easy attitude and the fun of making them.


Yuriko Matsuda
Minami Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture