Creating ceramics that capture light “Ceramic artist, Akio Niisato”

Creating ceramics that capture light
"Ceramic artist, Akio Niisato"


“Koki” Ceramic itself seems to glow

A thin, pure-white ceramic. The design appears one the surface when hit by light. It is called “”Koki (pottery of light)””, and Akio Niisato is a ceramic artist who is attracting attention for this artwork.
He was born in Chiba, and has been active as a ceramic artist since finishing his studies at Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center in 2001.
He has presented his artworks all over Japan and overseas, and in 2008 won the Special Jury Prize at “”The Eighth International Ceramics Exhibitions Mino””, and Grand Prize at “”Third Paramita Ceramics Award Exhibition””. He is still actively creative pieces in Tajimi City, Gifu.

A new type of presence

Translucent – that is the characteristic of Niisato’s works.
The thin part where light shines through is made using the “”tohde”” method, in which holes are made in biscuit-fired ceramics, and then transparent glaze is applied to fill up the holes before baking again.
This method was used in Persian potteries of the 12th Century, and bowls from the Ming Dynasty of China. Niisato applied this method and used simple but delicate expressions such as “”stipple”” and “”spiral”” patterns in order to create ceramics with a new presence.
Niisato is around the same age as Nakata. We look forward to seeing what kind of pieces he will make in the future.


Ceramic artist Akio Niisato
Toki, Gifu Prefecture