Producing Japanese pear Shuhonashi, ”Horinaga Farm”

Producing Japanese pear Shuhonashi,
”Horinaga Farm”

Juicy, freshly picked Japanese pears

We heard about a kind of Japanese pear grown on special ground called karst plateau, formed by underwater corrosion of soluble rocks such as limestone, and we paid a visit.
The pear is called “Shuhonashi”. It is sold at top-grade fruit shop “Shinjuku Takano” in Tokyo, a highly competitive shop where the fruits sold usually change within 3 to 5 years. Shuhonashi has been sold there for over 10 years.
We picked and tasted the pear that was scheduled to be harvested on that day. According to those on the farm, pears sold in stores lose juiciness because it takes time to reach consumers after they are picked. Moved by the truly succulent freshly picked pears, and even receiving some to take home with us, we headed to our next destination.


Producer of Shuhonashi, ”Horinaga Farm”