Large-scale Farmer ”Nousan Kobou Daichi Kanazawa”

Large-scale Farmer
”Nousan Kobou Daichi Kanazawa”

Challenging agriculture in Kanazawa

The Kanazawa plains is an area famous for ”Koshihikari” brand rice. Although it may sound a bit off beat, ”Kanazawa Daichi” is a farm within the renowned rice production area that follows a strict policy of ”agricultural”.
”Nousan Kobou Kanazawa Daichi” follows a strictly organic style of cultivation, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They do not limit themselves to only this. They also strive to provide a stable supply, and to spread awareness to the entire nation.
Without an increase in distribution, organic farming will remain to be ”something special at a costly price”.

Being connect by agriculture

As a result, their farmland is huge. They have effectively automated processes such as weeding which was once done manually. With this, they were able to raise their share of domestic organic soybeans to 10%. They aim to further continue their large-scale business style to raise the standard of the entire nation.
”Nousan Kobou Kanazawa Daichi” also produces and operates a community called the ”Agri hug hug”. At gatherings, they discuss the environment, exchange recipes using wheat, get together and eat the harvested rice and soybeans, etc. They strive to raise the standard by not just making their agricultural products and distributing them. They attempt to connect agriculture to the actual meals and to the people.


Nousan Kobou, Kanazawa Daichi
9 Banchi Hattamachi Higashi Kanazawa, Ishikawa