Fukunishiki – the locals’ choice ”junmaishu” without added alcohol

- the locals’ choice ”junmaishu” without added alcohol

Being particular about rice

Fukunishiki Brewing is situated in Kasai City. The city is located on Harima Plain, the home of ”Yamadanishiki” rice . Yamadanishiki is famous as the king of brewer’s rice. Doubtlessly, Fukunishiki Brewing places the extreme importance on rice they use. That’s why they only produce ”sake” without any added alcohol, or ”junmaishu”
Fukunishiki Brewing calls themselves the ”junmaishu” brewery. They decided to specialize in ”junmaishu” sake production in 1992. There are only a few ”junmaishu” breweries in Japan. The brewery strictly selects quality local rice for producing ”sake”. It is the reason Fukunishiki features the firm ”umami” as the leading player on the dining table, not a dish enhancer.

Harmony between human and nature as a theme

The name ”Fukunishiki” is a combination of the ”nishiki” representing the autumn leaves that grace the famous Hokkezan Ichijoji Temple in the vicinity and ”Fuku”, meaning happiness. The firm’s theme, ”Harmony of man and nature” is reflected in that name.

The home grown rice, water from the well on the premise, and ”sake” brewed by local people, continues to be loved by the locals of Hyogo Prefecture.


1048 Mitsukuchi machi, Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture
URL http://www.fukunishiki.co.jp/