”Akame Shizen Juku” All of nature is on our side!

”Akame Shizen Juku”
All of nature is on our side!

The idea of Natural Farming

You may often hear the word ”Natural Farming” nowadays. This ”Akame Shizennojuku” is run by Yoshikazu Kawaguchi who is the leading person of this method.
Currently, there is no strict definition of Natural Farming yet, but Akame Shizen Juku works on the basic idea of ”no tilling, no fertilizers and pesticide, do not treat weed and insect as the enemy”, and this method is called ”Natural Farming”. When you let the cycle of living things back to nature, you will get the best crops. Bases on the idea that permanent farming is possible if you observe the cycle of nature and they practice the cultivation method that requires minimum human help observing the vitality of the crop, and adjusting to the climate and soil of the land.
Kawaguchi switched to natural agriculture after he himself became ill due to the pesticide. By looking at his own life and nature, he came to the conclusion of Natural Farming.

To obtain techniques from practice

Akame Shizen Juku is a study group where you can learn Natural Farming as the name suggests.
However, there is no set curriculum and each person who comes here will learn the technique through practice while looking at Kawaguchi work through each season. Kawaguchi and the staff is only there to support the students to become independent.
Today, there are many people from all over Japan who come here to learn Natural Farming. And there has been many interests from abroad where they come to interview him.
The idea is not to challenge nature, but to realize that human being is a part of nature.
Kawaguchi’s Natural Farming will make you re-realize that the life of human being is also a cycle of nature.


Akame Shizen Juku
Rice Terrace in between Nabari-shi, Mie Prefecture and Muroumura, Nara Prefecture