Rice produced in Kumamoto ”Mori-no-kumasan”

No. 1 in Japan in ”Rice Tasting Ranking” -

Rice, a staple that Japan can be proud of

”Mori-no-kumasan” is a rice brand that was developed in Kumamoto. The name is said to have come from the literary figure, Soseki Natsume referring to Kumamoto as the ”city of wood”. The name combines the word meaning ”produced (san)”, ”wood (mori)” and ”Kuma”moto (bear).
This rice grown in the nature of Kumamoto, with its leafy land, beautiful skies, and clear streams, ranked top in the 2012 ”Rice Eating Quality Ranking” released by the Japan Grain Inspection Association and was selected as the most delicious rice. This is a food staple that Japan can be proud of.

Wanting to leave something for the next generation

We visited with Ogawa, a farmer who produces ”Mori-no-kumasan” in Yamaga city, Kumamoto. At present, there are only 1400 farmers who produce this variety in Kumamoto. Although they want to increase production because it is a popular variety, the number of producers are decreasing due to aging.
”We put our heart and soul into producing the rice, but we don’t know how much longer we can continue. We know that we have to create some kind of system for the younger generation, but it has been difficult.” his wife told us.

Understanding the full appeal of rice

”Mori-no-kumasan” increases in sweetness as you chew. Compared to ”Koshihikari”, it has a chewy and sticky taste. ”Mori-no-kumasan” is a hybrid of ”Hinohikari” and ”Koshihikari”. The best qualities of each brand has been maximized.
”Previously, we made a large volume of rice which we sold. Now, we think about what kind of rice tastes good. As producers, we need to also think about ways that rice can be served.” Ogawa commented.
Delivering delicious food in a delicious style. Those who have a full understanding of rice will give their total effort.


Yukinari Ogawa
159-1 Mochimatsu, Shikao Town, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture