Mt. Aso – The Symbol of ”Land of Fire” Kumamoto

Mt. Aso
- The Symbol of ”Land of Fire” Kumamoto

Experiencing the nature of an active volcano

Mt. Aso (official name: Aso Gogaku) boasts the world’s largest caldera, and is an active volcano located in the east of Kumamoto Prefecture. A caldera is a large dent that is generated by volcanic activity. Mt. Aso has a Nakadake first volcanic vent that still continues to emit white smoke. There are melted rocks around the volcanic vent. Onsen gushes forth all over the mountain, and sightseeing and leisure locations are scattered around the area, making it a popular tourist destination.
About 100,000 years ago, active volcanoes around the mountain began erupting simultaneously, spurting volcanic ash and lava, resulting in a large cave-in. It is said that this activity created the original shape of the ring mountain.

Aso is rich in natural ambience. You can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Mt. Daikanbo. In autumn, you may be able to see the sea of clouds with the right conditions. It is something that is definitely worth seeing. In Kusasenrigahama, you can see the traditional view of animals gathering to drink water at a large pond that used to be an old volcanic vent.
If you want to enjoy the caldera from above, you can ride the Mt. Aso Ropeway. This was the first ropeway in the world to be built over an active volcano. It takes about 4 minutes from the Aso-san Nishi Station to Kako Nishi Station located at the edge of the volcanic vent, as your look down over Aso and the magnificent caldera.


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