Packed with a Nostalgic Flavor ”Mineral Tomato”

Packed with a Nostalgic Flavor
”Mineral Tomato”

Utilizing ”nigari” from the deep ocean water

The ”Fruit Tomatoes” that are sold in supermarkets nowadays are great, but sometimes you just crave the nostalgic sweet yet tart flavor of ordinary tomatoes. In Harunocho, Kochi city, by the Niyodo River, Satoshi Nomura grows just such tomatoes.
The tomato is heavy, fleshy and juicy, and is popular with children. Brimming with minerals, it is called ”Mineral Tomato”. There are children in the neighborhood who will not eat other tomatoes, but love ”Mineral Tomato”.
The secret of the delicious flavor is ”nigari” from the deep ocean water that is used as fertilizer. The deep ocean water that has been flowing underground for several hundred years is unpolluted and filled with nutrients, making tomatoes high in mineral and nutrient content. The weight of the Mineral Tomato is proof that it is packed with nutrients.

The clean river that is considered the best quality water in Japan, and the mild climate nurtured this tomato

Another element nurturing the Mineral Tomato is the clean waters of the Niyodo River. Niyodo River flows through Ehime and Kochi prefectures. While it is not as famous as Shimanto River, it was elected as the best quality water in Japan according to a 2003 survey by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is also the location for a 4 series of novels written by Tomiko Miyao, ”Kai (Paddle)”, ”Shunto (Spring Lamp) ”, ”Shuka (Summer Time)” and ”Niyodo River”.
Using plenty of this clean underflow water and with the mild climate of Kochi which has the most days of sun in the nation, the tomatoes have the perfect balance of sugar content and sourness that is suitable for eating whole. While suitable for cooking, you must try biting into it fresh from the field.


Mineral Tomato
353 Harunocho Saibata, Kochi-shi, Kochi Prefecture