”Auberge Tosayama” Where Nature, Gourmet Food and Hot Springs come Together

”Auberge Tosayama”
Where Nature, Gourmet Food and Hot Springs come Together

Hotel with exquisite cuisine

Auberge is a French word for ”restaurant with accommodation”. It is a hotel where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine that is essential for a good trip. There is an Auberge which fits the description in Tosayama village in the middle of the mountains in Kochi. ”Auberge Tosayama” is located 30 minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by the mountains in a quiet location.
Needless to say, the most important feature of ”Auberge Tosayama” is the cuisine! They serve dishes with pride and confidence, using the best ingredients at their peak. It is somewhat a ”selfish” restaurant. Their wide selection of local ”sake” is also quite appealing.

Quite room with the ambience of Tosa

There are 12 rooms in the hotel complex and four villas across the red suspension bridge. The rooms in the hotel complex are quite charming, and blend into nature using natural materials such as cedar, cypress, Tosa paper and Tosa stucco. The villas built into the vast natural surroundings offer complete privacy. They are like hideaways allowing you to heal from the busy day to day life.
The bath is a natural Tosayama hot spring. Spread out your arms and legs in the hot spring to enjoy the changing seasons, and you are sure to leave your busy life behind.


Auberge Tosayama
661 Higashikawa, Tosayama, Kochi-shi, Kochi Prefecture
URL http://www.orienthotel.jp/tosayama/en/