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Mouthwatering, orange watermelons ”Tojinbo Orange Watermelon”

Mouthwatering, orange watermelons
”Tojinbo Orange Watermelon”

Sweet, tasty and orange-colored

Did you have any watermelon this summer? It is a common sight in Japan for a family to be sitting around the table, enjoying bright red, ripe watermelon. Most people associate the color red with watermelons, but the watermelons of ”Hokuriku Echizen Araiya” are orange. With fewer seeds, ”Tojinbo Orange Watermelons” are very fleshy right up to the rind, and are very sweet with a sugar content ranging between 12 and 14%. Generally, 10% or greater sugar content is considered to be satisfactory, so ”Tojinbo Orange Watermelons” are exceptionally sweet.

The orange watermelons were originated in Japan in 2000 following independent research, and is produced only in Japan. Arai began growing the variety after buying seedlings from a seedling company. He recalls the first harvest of the watermelons.
“I had thought that the yellow color of a watermelon would poorly make it look tasty. When I saw the harvest for the first time, it didn’t look tasty. But I was amazed by its taste. It was totally different from existing varieties.

Importance of juiciness

In addition to sweetness, other features are also important, and the texture is another feature that makes this variety stand out. Watermelons available in supermarkets are generally hard. This is because they are cut before being placed in the store. Watermelons that can’t be cut do not sell well in retail locations, so farmers prefer to make their watermelons hard and red even if they have to sacrifice the juiciness. In contrast, Tojinbo Orange Watermelon is so juicy and soft that you can feel the flesh bursting with flavor and juiciness the moment you take a bite. The perfect blend of a subtle scent, sweetness and juiciness spreads throughout the mouth.

The color will definitely capture your attention. You will then be amazed by the texture and the sweetness that spreads throughout the mouth. Tojinbo orange watermelons are harvested between July and mid-August, and are available at farm stands and online. We definitely recommend tasting this unusual orange colored watermelon.


Hokuriku Echizen Araiya
72-101-1 Kado Mikuni-cho, Sakai-shi, Fukui