Rice grown with herbal medicine ”Rice farmer Masayuki Furukawa”

Rice grown with herbal medicine
”Rice farmer Masayuki Furukawa”

What is ”kanpomai” or herbal medicine rice?

”Kanpomai” or ”herbal medicine rice” is an unfamiliar term. Is it rice that is used to make herbal medicine? The correct answer is ”rice that is grown using herbal medicine”. ”Isn’t this beautiful?” ”kanpomai” grower Masayuki Furukawa said, showing us ”Tenyo” rice. Furukawa was born on a farm and took after the family business. He said he was just an ordinary farmer at first. About 15 years ago, he switched to organic farming.
”I could not keep up with everyone’s pace. The kind of farming that increases yield.” he told us.
He studied organic farming and tried different methods. But he wasn’t able to make it completely pesticide-free. ”The rice couldn’t withstand weeds or disease.” That is when he found ”kanpomai”.

On the road to success with ”kanpomai”

”When I first heard about using herbal medicine, I was suspicious. But the tomato grown using herbal medicine was delicious.” He explains his first encounter with herbal medicine produce. An acquaintance’s child who disliked tomatoes ate the ”kanpo” tomato. They both thought the tomato was delicious. This could be the real thing he thought, and began studying herbal medicine agriculture.

There was a Chinese medicine shop owner in Tochigi Prefecture who practiced herbal medicine agriculture, so Fukukawa and a local colleague commuted there for training.
As he continued ”kanpo” agriculture, customers who ate his produce became healthy. Best of all, the taste of his products improved greatly. Three years after starting ”kanpo” agriculture, he won a prize in a competition.

Wanting to be particular despite the expenses

It was not successful from the beginning. There was a decline in terms of yield. His parents told him to quit immediately. ”But you now, by nature, I can’t give up until I take it to the limit. I told myself I should give it at least 3 years.”
Being the type to strive for the highest level, Furukawa was also particular about the herbal medicine he used in his rice fields. He proudly proclaimed ”I only use the best quality ”kanpo””. This also raises issues about cost. But he remains dedicated to ”kanpo” agriculture because his initial belief in the technique is unwavering. He told us that by working with his teacher from Tochigi, he feels they’ve succeeded in establishing their ”kanpo” agriculture methods. He is now committed to spreading the farming system.
The rice grown with herbal medicine that can make you healthy. And is also delicious. Why wouldn’t you eat it?
”But the yield is limited, so it sells out quickly. There is nothing left for me.” Furukawa said proudly and happily.


Rice farmer Masayuki Furukawa
2-64 Gozen Minami, Koriyama, Fukushima