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Yufuin Kamenoi-bessou

Yufuin Kamenoi-bessou

Yufuin Kamenoi-bessou
2633-1 Kawakami, Yufuin-cho, Yufuin City, Oita Prefecture

A vacation house loved by everyone

A well-known historic inn originally built as a vacation house for Kumahachi Aburaya of Beppu in 1921. Located on the shores of Kinrin Lake, the inn has six guest rooms in the main building and 15 separate cottages. Each room has its own bath, and guests can enjoy the changing seasons of the vast 30,000㎡ forest.
The glass ceiling in wooden frames and two glass walls give the grand bath a wide open feeling. The clear water of the soft hot springs, the surrounding rich greenery, and the natural light shining through the glass ceiling offers the ultimate relaxation. Each cottage has a different decor, and guests can enjoy ultimate luxury in privacy, relaxing in the private natural hot spring.
Local production for local consumption is the basis of the meals, taking advantage of the original flavor of the mainly local ingredients, combined with Japanese black beef, free range chicken and freshwater fish. Guests staying in the cottages can savor the food in the privacy of their rooms.
”Bonchi cuisine” at Yunotake An restaurant and coffee at Tenjo Sajiki are both local favorites, and Saikoku Miyage Kagiya sells the local seasoning ”yuzu kosho” and ”kanmochi arare”, a favorite snack of poet Akiko Yosano.


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