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Producing the No.1 Nijisseiki Pears in Japan – ”Fukuda Farm”

Producing the No.1 Nijisseiki Pears in Japan
- ”Fukuda Farm”

Fukuda Farm
602-77 Takiyama, Tottori-shi, Tottori prefecture

Highest production of Nijisseiki pears

Tottori is a big fruit country. Many fruits are produced in Tottori, such as juicy, large watermelons; sweet ”Kyoho” and ”Pione” grapes; and ”Hanagosho Gaki” the sweetest persimmon in Japan. But the number one gem in Tottori is definitely the ”Nijisseiki Pear”. Nijisseiki pears have a history of more than 100 years of cultivation in Tottori. Approximately half of the pears produced in Japan are produced in Tottori, so Tottori is definitely the number one producer of pears. Fukuda Farm is the No. 1 producer of pears in Japan. Fukuda Farm was found to have the highest annual production of Nijisseiki Pears by the leading authority Kyoka (short for Kyoto Seika Godo Co., Ltd.) in one of their past surveys.

Large, fresh pears

Fukuda Farm is located by Mount Inabasan which overlooks the Tottori Plain. The rich soil produces many mountain vegetables in the spring. In addition to being blessed with rich soil, Fukuda Farm has practiced natural farming using minimal pesticides for more than 45 years, before it became popular. The fruit are all very large, and of course very sweet and refreshing, so much so that the wonderful taste is quite memorable. The characteristics of the No. 1 pear in Japan are
1. They are very juicy. The fruit is very soft with a high sugar content, smells great and have a long shelf life.
2. Soft but without a crunchy texture and pleasant acidity.
The pears grown at Fukuda Farm meet all of these outstanding qualities.


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