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Indulging in a luxurious moment ”The Ritz-Carlton Osaka”

Indulging in a luxurious moment
”The Ritz-Carlton Osaka”

Greeted by a beautiful lobby and numerous works of art

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka received 5 Pavilion Marks for ”the most luxurious” hotel for its exterior, interior, hotel layout, hospitality and services in the ”Michelin Guide for Kyoto/Osaka 2010.” In 1997, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company opened its first hotel in Japan in Umeda, Osaka. The concept of this hotel is to offer the highest quality of ”a home away from home” for its overnight guests. In the lobby, Persian carpets and crystal chandeliers made in Czech welcome guests and visitors. The basic interior is traditional 18th century English Georgian-style decor which brings the lifestyle of the aristocrats of the time. This concept is also reflected in the 450 pieces of exquisite artwork displayed throughout the hotel.

Relax in your preferred style

There are five different types of guest rooms on the regular floors, ranging from 40 sq. meters to large rooms of almost 100 sq. meters, equipped with Italian marble bathtubs. Bed linens are of the highest quality of Frette’s to offer the most comfortable sleep. The Sky View Floor, making up the top 2 floors of the hotel, also have five different types of guest rooms. These rooms offer a dynamic view from 150 to 160 meters above the ground to provide the most luxurious moments for overnight guests.

The four types of rooms on the Club Floor are designed to offer privacy. Guests on this floor are given special keys to enter the floor, and there is an exclusive lounge space serving complimentary foods and beverages five times a day.

Offering relaxation and fitness facilities

Guests have a wide range of dining selections, from French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian cuisines, as well as bars and a lounge, depending on their preference to enjoy the food of the season which are served with wonderful presentation.

Fitness and spa facilities also offer the most relaxing moments. The Fitness Center has a 20-meter indoor pool as well as jacuzzi, sauna and fitness gym which can be used by overnight guests free of charge. There is also a dry sauna and steam sauna which can be used for an additional fee. The Spa Lounge offers aroma treatments, relaxation massages and beauty-treatment massages. Why not indulge yourself in the most luxurious interior with the highest quality of hotel services at a location overlooking the city of Osaka.


The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka